SD in the News |”AAA” Ratings, NASA, Best Cities for Jobs & …Egg Salad?

SDinNewsMany more rankings and newsworthy stats have surfaced since our last round-up post so let’s dive in!

South Dakota now has top debt ratings from all three agencies. Fitch Ratings upgraded the state’s rating to “AAA” June 2016,following recent upgrades from Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s.

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has been awarded $750,000 to work on a project for NASA! They will be tasked with developing an extreme biological system that turns solid waste into an efficient power source as an alternative to the current processes using chemical fuel cells.

New Geography reviewed The Best Cities for Jobs in 2016 and Sioux Falls made the list. Among medium-sized cities, Sioux Falls ranked 11th with an index value of 79.6. The study looked at job creation factors, including momentum, starting from 2004.

New Geography also just released a study looking at the U.S. Cities Creating the Most White-Collar Jobs for 2016 and Sioux Falls is 1st among medium-sized cities. This study looked at growth in the professional and business services sector dating back to 2005.

The GOED will be welcoming Scott Stern as our new commissioner beginning September 1st. And the GOED’s new Research and Community Development Director, Joe Fiala, is now officially on the job.

And for a giggle, South Dakota ranked 22nd (worst) on a unique Best/Worst State ranking compiled by Estately Blog. Our overall ranking isn’t great, but due to the unusual criteria, we may not mind so much. Did you know that South Dakota is 9th in Arby’s locations per capita? Or that we have the 2nd highest number of people who eat egg salad (mmm, egg salad). Frankly, if those two things are considered bad, then I don’t want to be among the best. But what does it take to be the worst state in the nation? According to Estately, a high concentration of magicians.

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