South Dakota Housing Unit Growth 6th in the Nation

2015housingThe Census Bureau recently released Housing Unit Estimates for 2015 and South Dakota ranked 6th in housing unit growth from 2014-2015 with a 1.1% increase in units (or 4,026 new units). Even better, from 2010-2015, South Dakota ranked 4th in housing unit growth, increasing the number of units by 4.6% (or 16,889 new units).


If you look at annual growth on the county level, across the nation, South Dakota had three counties in the top 100 fastest growing counties:

  • Union County – 2.6%, ranked 39th (176 new units)
  • Lincoln County – 2.5%, ranked 43rd (482 new units)
  • Minnehaha County – 2.1%, ranked 63rd (1,633 new units)

And if we look at growth since 2010 on the county level, across the nation, the same three South Dakota counties are in the top 100:

  • Lincoln County – 9.3%, ranked 54th (1,665 new units)
  • Union County – 8.8%, ranked 58th (554 new units)
  • Minnehaha county – 8.7%, ranked 61st (6,191 new units)

Within South Dakota, housing growth occurred predominantly within the same counties whether looking at annual growth or five-year growth.

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To dig into the housing unit stats a bit more:



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