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15citypopLast week the Census Bureau released 2015 Population Estimates for all places in South Dakota. If you’re anything like me, digging into these stats is a little like being transported to your happy place. If you’re not an “Oo data!,” type of person, allow me to summarize the release:

Annual Growth (2014-2015)

The cities that experienced the most growth varies depending on whether we focus on the number of new residents or the rate of growth of new residents.


South Dakota’s two largest cities were compared against other cities in the nation with a population of 50,000 or more:

  • Sioux Falls ranked 143rd
  • Rapid City ranked  478th

If you’d like a bit of water-cooler trivia, the city with the least growth in the nation from 2014-2015 is Valdosta, Georgia (lost 941 people for a  -1.7% growth rate) and the city with the highest growth in the nation was Georgetown, Texas (gained 4,611 people for a 7.8% growth rate).

Five-Year Growth (2010-2015)

Looking at growth since 2010, it is concentrated around the three largest cities in South Dakota and communities near our leading metros:


The Census again ranked resident population growth by city (for cities with a population of 50,000 or more) for the five-year time span since 2000 and:

  • Sioux Falls ranked 71st
  • Rapid City ranked 208th

This time the city with the highest cumulative growth was South Jordan City, Utah (gained 16,175 people at a growth rate of 32.0%) and the city with the lowest cumulative growth is Detroit City, Michigan (lost 36,746 people at a growth rate of -5.1%).

If you want to dig into the statistics more:

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