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SDinNewsGood day friends! I’m here with another mish-mash of rankings and/or news stories that include South Dakota and could be useful for your economic development efforts.

The Center on Education and the Workforce has a page of publications showing South Dakota job market projections through the next several years. See information on career clusters, STEM careers, and healthcare, among others.

According to WalletHub, Sioux Falls is the 4th hardest working city in America (out of the 116 largest). This analysis looked at 6 key factors:

  • Average Workweek Hours
  • Labor Force Participation Rate
  • Commute Time
  • Workers with Multiple Jobs
  • Volunteer Hours per Resident
  • Leisure Time Spent on an Average Day

I suspect the same could be said for South Dakota as a whole. released a study this week looking at the best states for retirement and South Dakota is the best! The study looked at quality healthcare, long-term care, affordability and selection of senior care, and overall quality of life to determine that South Dakota is prime silver-fox roving grounds.

Sanford Health was recently recognized nationally for genetic research going on in their research center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. One of their research focuses includes adult stem cell therapy.

And speaking of health-related topics, Fitbit shared some stats on the average resting heart rates in each state. South Dakota has the 3rd lowest resting heart rate in the nation, surpassed only by Hawaii (no wonder) and Massachusetts. South Dakota residents using a  Fitbit with a heart-rate monitor are averaging 67.035 beats per minute when inactive.

Now for a little fun…

Mental Floss, a great site for filling your brain with random information, has an interesting feature called The Afternoon Map. The Afternoon Map (TAM) looks at different google search topics by state. For instance, TAM recently looked at What People Are Wondering About Your State and found people are wondering why South Dakota has low unemployment. Happily this is one of the more thoughtful ponderings when compared to what people are wondering about other states.

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