2015 County & Metropolitan Population Estimates Released

2015CountyMetroPopThe U.S. Census Bureau recently released the 2015 County Population Estimates along with the 2015 Metropolitan Population Estimates.

South Dakota Counties: 2014-2015, 2010-2015

The 10 fastest growing counties in South Dakota from 2014-2015 include:


Lincoln County ranked among the 100 fastest growing counties in the U.S., coming in 77th.

If we look at growth from 2010-2015, the 10 fastest growing counties in South Dakota change a little bit:


Lincoln County, again, ranks well across the nation, coming in with the 19th highest growth rate of 17.9% from 2010-2015. The population gain totaled 8,026. A second South Dakota county also landed on the Top 100 Counties in the U.S. list: Lake County. Lake County ranked 55th with a growth rate of 12.7% and population gain of 1,422.

South Dakota Micro & Metropolitans: 2014-2015

South Dakota has three MSAs; Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Sioux City (North Sioux City).


South Dakota also has several Micropolitans that are included in this data release as well:


More detail is available with the County Population Estimates and the Metro & Micropolitan Estimates, including details on the components of population change which examine the births, deaths, and net migration values that led to the population changes.

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