Certified Ready Sites: The Future of Development

As so many South Dakota communities have now had their development land awarded the title of “Certified Ready Site”, I wanted to talk a little bit about what that means and how you can turn development land in your community into a Certified Ready Site.

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What is a Certified Ready Site? The South Dakota Certified Ready Sites Program was established to provide consistent information on sites available throughout the State of South Dakota. The South Dakota Certified Ready Sites Program is an economic development tool available to all cities, counties, and developers in the state. The purpose of the program is to promote commercial and industrial sites that are development ready. The program criteria were established based on industry and economic development standards.

Why does my community want to have a Certified Ready Site?  Having a site certified makes it more competitive in the site selection process. The goal is to have the information needed by potential buyers in a readily available package that can be produced as soon as interest is shown in a particular site. A site that has successfully completed the certification process proves to the prospective buyer upfront that the site is ready for development. This alleviates the buyer’s potential risks associated with purchasing an undeveloped site.

How does my community get a site certified?   The program has four different classifications of sites. An overview with application details for the different classifications (Heavy Industrial Sites, Light Industrial Sites, Business Services/Research and Development Sites, and Mega Sites) is available here: Certified Ready Sites Program Overview. There are no application deadlines and the GOED will respond within 45 days of receiving a completed application.

Certified Ready Site Application

What happens after the application is approved? Upon approval of an application, the GOED issues a certificate of readiness. All approved sites are listed on the GOED’s available properties website and recognized as certified. Communities and developers may use the designation, including the certificate and logo, in marketing, promotional, and informational materials. Certified sites will need to re-certify every two years.

There are currently 25 Certified Ready Sites throughout South Dakota (shown on map below). As the competition grows, we highly recommend that each community take a look at the land they have available and assess whether it meets the criteria to become Certified Ready!

For more information, visit http://sdreadytopartner.com/community/CRS.aspx or contact Dave Anderson at 605.367.4654 or David.Anderson@state.sd.us.

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