New and Expanded Manufacturers Secure 4th Highest Capital Investment Year in South Dakota History

2015MfgSurveyEvery year the Governor’s Office of Economic Development sends out a survey to all manufacturers in the state asking them to share with us the amount of capital investment they have spent on buildings, land, and equipment throughout the year. The strong growth numbers continued for 2015 with nearly $410 million spent by new and expanding manufacturing companies. Below is a graph highlighting the total capital investment numbers for the past ten years.

Manufacturing is one of South Dakota’s largest industries, supplying over 40,000 jobs and accounting for 10% of our workforce. With an average annual wage of $44,503, the manufacturing industry sustains the 2nd highest payroll in the state. The top four manufacturing sectors that contributed to the 2015 capital investment numbers were food manufacturing, miscellaneous manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and machinery manufacturing.

Examples of Food Manufacturers in South Dakota: Bel Brands USA; John Morrell & Company; and Interbake Foods, LLC.

Examples of Miscellaneous Manufacturers in South Dakota: 3M; Daktronics; Groomer’s Best, Inc.

Examples of Chemical Manufacturers in South Dakota: SaBiotherapeutics, LLC; N-Rich Plant Food, Inc.; POET, LLC

Examples of Machinery Manufacturers in South Dakota: Koyker Manufacturing Company; FIMCO Inc.; Terex/Bid-Well

All investment information is collected on a confidential basis and only shared in ways that will not identify individual companies.

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