SD in the News | Emergency Room Waits, Well-Being, Multiple-Jobholdings, and a Millennial Quiz


We’re rolling along in 2016 and South Dakota is feeling the love this February from quite a few rankings. Let’s dive in!

South Dakota has the 4th lowest emergency room wait time in the nation at 18 minutes. Only three other states – Utah, Colorado, and Kansas – have shorter wait times.

New Well-Being Rankings are out from Gallup and South Dakota is in the top 10 for overall well-being. We come in 6th this year with strong showings in sense of purpose, financial, community, and physical categories.

South Dakota continues to have one of the highest multiple-jobholding rates in the nation. 8.7% of our population holds multiple jobs. This number is down from previous years but still exceeds the 4.9% national average. Learn a little more about the multiple-jobholding rate here.

millennialgraph.JPGAnd let’s wrap this collection of news stories up with a fun survey. Discover where you fall on the generational scale by taking the How Millennial Are You? quiz from the Pew Research Center. For giggles the whole research team took the survey and our boss (the oldest crew member – don’t worry, she said I could say that!) surprised us all by being the 2nd most Millennial of our little crew.

Where do you fall in the Millennial scale? Take the quiz and then let us know where you landed in the poll below!

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