South Dakota is a Top Moving Destination!

uvl_movingSD2015United Van Lines released their 39th Annual United National Movers Study earlier this month and South Dakota has the 12th “Top Moving Destination” in the continental United States. Inbound movers equaled 55.8%. Those state’s also earning top moving destinations for 2015 include:

  1. Oregon (69.0% inbound)
  2. South Carolina (62.4%)
  3. Vermont (62.0%)
  4. Idaho (60.5%)
  5. North Carolina (58.9%)

And those state’s with the highest outbound movers include:

  1. New Jersey (66.6% outbound)
  2. New York (64.6%)
  3. Illinois (63.2%)
  4. Connecticut (62.6%)
  5. Ohio (58.4%)

If you look at the United Van Lines study you’ll see an interactive map that will show the results of the study from 1978 on. It’s an interesting graphic and it also illustrates that South Dakota has not been an outbound state since 2001. That is thirteen years of more people wanting to live in South Dakota.

The interactive map also includes statistics for each state including age, income, and reason for move.



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