Leading Secret Santa Gifts by State

The Holidays are upon us and celebrations and gift exchanges are commencing all over the world. Some of you might even be involved in Secret Santa and, interestingly enough, Time magazine just released a list of the Most Popular Secret Santa Gifts in Every State.  From scented candles to Santa stencils (say that 5 times fast), the popular selections shine a curious light on our neighbors and highlight surprising commonalities. For instance, South Dakota and Maryland have a common Secret Santa Gift preference.

So what is our most popular Secret Santa Gift in South Dakota? Little Drummer Boy drum roll please… the winner is button bowls. Channeling Han Solo… “Huh!” (btw…the new Star Wars movie is a lot of fun and very reminiscent of the originals, highly recommended).

What the heck is a button bowl, you ask? Well, let me show you…


Personally, I think it’s neat if I could actually get a bowl like this… but if you look at some of the results on Pinterest the likelihood of actually getting a bowl this neat is slim. But a girl can wish, right? So anyway, if you’d like a light-hearted distraction today, amuse yourself by looking at the rest of Time’s leading Secret Santa Gifts.

And as we all go into the holiday season, I hope you are blessed and able to bless others in the coming days, that you have a lovely time with friends and family, and that you find a few moments to yourself to rest and refresh.


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