SD in the News: Retirees, Business Tax Climate, & Raising a Family


How is it already November? Why is Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK!? We won’t be digging into the scintillating topic of where the year 2015 has gone, but we are going to look at some great rankings and press on South Dakota.

South Dakota is the 9th most Tax-Friendly State for Retirees in 2015 according to Kiplinger. Working in our favor are no state income taxes, no inheritance taxes, lower property taxes and property tax breaks for older homeowners, and relatively low sales taxes.

2016StateBizTaxClimThe Tax Foundation just released their 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index and South Dakota is ranked 2nd. This continues our consistent 2nd place ranking for the last 4 years. The lack of a corporate and individual income taxes and lower property taxes contributed to the high ranking. Wyoming came in 1st, also maintaining a 1st place ranking for the past 4 years.

GoBankingRates recently released a review of the Cheapest States to Raise a Family where South Dakota came in 7th. Affordable childcare costs and a few other cost of living factors helped us edge out the competition.

And it’s always nice to see South Dakota appreciated in other ways. Thrillist recently did a post about Why South Dakota is the Most Underrated State in America. They also bring up our lack of an income tax. I’m starting to see a pattern here…


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