SD in the News: Innovation, Rents, Top States, and More!

SDinNewsAlright, it’s time to catch up on a few rankings and newsy bits that have dropped in the last month or so.

Which states are the most innovative in America? Drumroll, please! South Dakota is an innovation champion according to the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) and their Innovation Scorecard. We ranked among the top 10. Booyah!

Need more proof that your money stretches further in South Dakota? The National Low Income Housing Coalition examined the hourly wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in every U.S. State and South Dakota has the 3rd lowest hourly wage needed to afford a 2-bedroom apartment.

America’s Top States for Business for 2015 was recently released and South Dakota held steady in 11th place. But all is not lost, we’re still 2nd in Business Friendliness and moved up a notch to 5th lowest Cost of Doing Business. Leading up to the Top States announcement, Governor Daugaard was able to submit commentary on why South Dakota is a great place to do business and it’s a good read.

Sioux Falls is #1 when it comes to the Top 10 Up-And-Coming Cities for Recent College Graduates by Zip Recruiter. And according to Forbes, Sioux Falls is also the 3rd best small city for business.

According to Gallup, when it comes to the well-being of older Americans, South Dakota shines, ranking 3rd overall.

Source: New York Times.

Source: New York Times.

And for all you nerds out there, here’s an interesting map of Migration in the United States created by the New York Times. You can see at a glance, by state, what region of the country (or if they migrated from outside the U.S.) current residents were born. Of South Dakota’s residents, 65% were born in state and roughly 20% were born in the Midwest.

The map is interactive and provides data for three different time periods. Click the link above or the image to explore more!

Have any exciting news or rankings that you’d like to see highlighted on the GOED Blog? Comment below with links and we’ll include them in upcoming posts.

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