Linkedin Hints | Social Media Series 1.4

Part 1.4: Linkedin Hints

This is the fourth post in a series on social media in social media and economic developmenteconomic development. The first posts touched Twitter and Facebook and ways to be more effective with the profiles for your organization. In this post, we’ll discuss the same idea, but this time we’ll use your personal Linkedin page. You may not have a Linkedin page for your locality or organization, but you should have a personal profile set-up to connect with everyone you meet. If you don’t, here’s a great video on how to get started with your personal profile. 

  1. Grow your network all the time.
    • When you get home from an event, go through all of the business cards you’ve collected and add those people to LinkedIn. If there’s time, do it during the conference so you might find conversation starters to touch base with that person again. “Hey I saw you used to work at [employer], Do you know [someone you know who worked there]?” This person might not be ready to open a business in your locality, but it never hurts to expand your network. Start by connecting with your GOED Business Representatives.
    • Visit the “People you may know” page frequently (once a week). This page gives you a free pass to add connections without answering the “How do you know them?” question. Click on “See all” on the right.

social media and economic development

    • Join Groups. These groups can be related to economic development, targeted industries, personal interests, schools you’ve attended, states you’ve lived in, etc… Once you’ve joined, try to interact as much as you can by posting articles and commenting on other posts that interest you.

2. Interact. Use the “Like” feature when your connections share a story, or, even better, comment. Spend two minutes in the morning scrolling through your feed and finding a few things that interest you. Endorse your connections for their quality skills. LinkedIn has also added a “Keep in Touch” section on the home page which will help with this task.

keep in touch

3. And last, but not least, make your profile promote your organization. You have a job, right? So why not use your LinkedIn profile as a tool for marketing your community or organization instead of yourself?

  • Your headline shouldn’t be “Marketing and Research Manager for the [insert community here], SD.” Instead try “Marketing [insert community name here], South Dakota’s assets and workforce training opportunities.”
  • Choose a cover photo that highlights your organization. For example: a monument or unique building, a festival, landscape, etc… Try to select a professional or professional-looking photo that makes your community look its best.
  • In your summary, write about all the positive aspects of where you live and work. What makes it unique? Why would I want to grow my business there? If you are looking for examples, check out GOED representatives Alissa VanMeeteran and Mike Turnwall. If you don’t have time to write something yourself, your own website is a great source for language.


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