Affordable Day Care Helps Your Workforce Grow

daycarecostsEvery year, Child Care Aware (CCA), a national child care advocacy group, conducts a 50 state survey of day care costs. The most recent report (2014) is  now available and South Dakota has some of the least expensive day care costs in the nation. South Dakota parents pay, on average:

  • $6,160 (6th lowest) per year for infant day care at a child care center ($118 per week)
  • $5,409 (8th lowest) per year for infant day care at a home-based day care  ($104 per week)

2014 Day care Costs in South Dakota and Surrounding States


  • Massachusetts had the highest child care center annual cost at $16,549 for infants ($318 per week).South Dakota’s results are in-line with previous annual surveys by CCA, showing that we have consistently lower day care costs. A few other stats to note:
  • Virginia had the highest average annual costs for home based day care at $12,272 for infants ($236 per week).

In both cases their average annual costs are more than double what someone in South Dakota would pay.

So why do day care costs matter? The availability of affordable day care is critical to South Dakota’s workforce needs. Low cost, affordable day care allows both parents to enter the workforce. If day care costs increase more parents will drop out of the workforce because the net economic benefits of working are diminished.

So as South Dakota’s economy continues to create more jobs and a need for more workers, it is important that affordable day care options are available. Doing so helps your city create the workforce it needs to grow and prosper.

CCA Survey Notes

The survey shows annual average day care costs at both a child care center and for home-based child care. The survey publishes average annual costs for infants, 4 year olds, and school age children at both child care centers and home-based day care.

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