RFI Best Practices: Scanning Documents (Don’t Do It!)

Welcome back to our RFI Best Practices Series! This post is going to focus on why you shouldn’t scan your documents.rfipractices4

Sometimes we get RFI submissions that have pages scanned in and it does two things:

  1. It causes the response to look sloppy.
  2. It can make the file size of your response much larger than necessary.

Note: It is okay to scan in a picture of a property if that is the only way to get it in the response but anything that is merely text should be re-typed.

For example, click the link below to see what it looks like when I scanned in one of our finance brochures.




Finance Pages



The document looks sloppy and the coloration makes it hard to read. There are lines around the edges that show it was scanned. Also there is a whole lot of information that could be overwhelming to the reader. Now look below at what happens when the program information is summarized and re-typed on our own branded pages.




Revised Finance Pages




It looks much cleaner, easier to read, and not so overwhelming. Just putting in a little time revising and making it your own can make a world of difference!

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