SD In the News: the GOED Conference, the New Workforce Campaign, and Some Rankings and Resources

SDinNewsIf you missed last week’s Governor’s Economic Development Conference you may have missed out on the launch of the State’s new workforce development campaign. The campaign officially kicks off on May 1 so stay tuned for more details on how you can be involved. And in the meantime, check out the new website and videos that are a part of the campaign.

Speaking of the Governor’s Economic Development Conference, congratulations to the 2015 Award Recipients! We hope this years attendees took some valuable information away from the conference and we’d love to get your feedback over at the conference evaluation form. Presentation slides are up at our Ready to Partner site and if you are interested in the samples and templates provided during the Make Your Case with Data presentation, those can be found here.

Moving on to some other newsworthy topics…

The Tax Foundation has released a handy Facts & Figures 2015 publication that summarizes, by state, a wide variety of taxes and tax-related rankings. Even better, you can download the publication in PDF or Excel for easy reference.

Speaking of The Tax Foundation, they’ve just announced that the national Tax Freedom Day in 2015 is this Friday, April 24th. What is tax freedom day? It’s the day when the nation, as a whole, has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. But because we live in South Dakota, we got to celebrate our tax freedom day before most of the nation. We earned enough money to pay our tax bills by April 8th – the 3rd best in the nation.

The AARP’s Livability Index has ranked downtown Sioux Falls, SD as one of the 10 Most Livable Neighborhoods in the U.S. The index reviewed seven categories including housing, health, environment, neighborhood (proximity to jobs), transportation, engagement (social and civil), and opportunities (jobs).

And Gallup’s Well-Being index, that was released this past February, now has state summaries available. South Dakota ranked 3rd in well-being.

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