South Dakota School of Mines Showcases its Value

collegeROIPayScale recently released their 2015 College ROI Report and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T) has earned some bragging rights (in addition to this brag-worthy news from a couple years ago). The College ROI Report calculates a 20-year return on investment (ROI) by looking at the cost of attendance and earning potential. Among the 1,223* schools in the report, South Dakota School of Mines ranks 21st, offering more than $700,000 in returns for an average tuition of $82,000.

If you look at the annual return on investment as a percentage, School of Mines does even better, ranking 3rd with a 12.1% annual return on investment.

A few other South Dakota Colleges were included in the rankings:

  • 441st – South Dakota State University (in-state) – $290,100 20-Yr ROI
  • 836th – University of South Dakota (in-state) – $164,000 20-Yr ROI
  • 1,119th – Augustana College – $51,100 20-Yr ROI
  • 1,190th – Black Hills State University (in-state) – $10,600 2o-Yr ROI loss
  • Complete list of SD Schools: here

Colleges not on the list were excluded because the survey sample size was not statistically significant.

Want to dig in a little more?

  • Schools by State: here
  • Best Value Engineering Schools: here (SDSM&T is 14th)
  • Detailed methodology on the College ROI Report: here

*This number is a little tricky. Some schools are listed twice, mainly public, to distinguish between in-state and out-of-state tuition. 

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