Rankings Round-up: Common Jobs, Unique Occupations, & Neuroses…Among Other Things

RankingsRoundupI have quite the stack of rankings and newsy tidbits saved up so we’re going to dive into this without further ado…

First-up, a bit of fun from the folks over at Thrillist. They took it upon themselves to map out What Every US State is the Best At. South Dakota? We’re the best state for retirement. Technically we’re the best for a lot of things but they picked retirement. In looking at the map, I think I’ll be retiring to Montana. Crazy-cat-lady-in-training right here… and really, what crazy cat lady wouldn’t want her clowder of cats to live longer? (Bonus points to those of you who knew “clowder” was the appropriate term for a group of cats).mostcommonjobs

Another fun one here, this time looking at The Most Common Job in Every State from 1978-2014. A time-lapse map shows the changing career trajectory of our neighbors. South Dakota and North Dakota both maintained Farmers as the most common job in the 36-year-span while all of our neighbors shifted to Truck Drivers being the most common job.

You know you’re a nerd when you start calling all the rankings and fascinating news bits you’re reading “fun.” Brace yourselves, more fun is coming at you…

PEW Charitable Trusts tackled the question of “What is the Most Unique Occupation by State.” In South Dakota, turns out it’s Forest and Conservation Workers. We have 20.3 times more than what would be expected based on the national average. Most of the unique occupations by state are fairly run-of-the-mill, but I do wonder about Missouri with their abundance of psychiatric technicians. New York and Florida seem to be the most exciting places to live with an abundance of fashion designers and athletes and sports competitors, respectively.

The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) has an article focused on what is happening in State and Local Economic Development. Well worth a read.

Did you hear that South Dakota is the “most neurotic” state? Pshhhh! Truity, a publisher of personality and career assessments, has given us that label. I’ve been trying to find some background on what qualifies us as neurotic (our long winters?) and answers have not been forthcoming. But all is not bad news. We’re also 4th on the list for being concrete thinkers and 1st in focus when it comes to life organization. Overall, we’re identified as:

  • Producers: hardworking, no-nonsense folks who enjoy the company of others AND
  • Friendly Conservatives: open, warm, and straightforward… community minded and down-to-earth

I guess if being friendly go-getters is neurotic, I can deal. 🙂

Once again, Sioux Falls is one of the best places to find a job, this time according to ZipRecruiter. Sioux Falls came in 4th, the same ranking they achieved in January by Wallethub. If two separate rankings come up with the same result it must be true. Well done Sioux Falls.

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