South Dakota Tops in Well-Being

well-being2-2014Last week Gallup and Healthways released their annual State of American Well-Being report and South Dakota came in 3rd in well-being. Digging into the results, in South Dakota we like what we do, where we do it, who we do it with, and the financial boon we earn.

The State of American Well-Being Index looks at five elements:

  • Purpose: liking what you do and having the motivation to achieve goals (SD is 4th).
  • Social: supportive relationships and love (SD is 1st).
  • Financial: ability to manage your economics in a way that reduces stress and increases security (SD is 5th).
  • Community: liking where you live, feeling safe, and pride in your community (SD is 1st).
  • Physical: good health and enough energy to do what you do (SD is 11th).

well-being2014Other states that are WELL-off (pun intended) include Alaska (1st) and Hawaii (2nd). Hawaii isn’t really a surprise here, but Alaska is unexpected. Afterall, it’s one of the few places in the nation that can call us wimps when we’re complaining about our winters. Wyoming (4th) and Montana (5th) round out the top five.

The bottom five include:

  • Mississippi (46th)
  • Ohio (47th)
  • Indiana (48th)
  • Kentucky (49th)
  • West Virginia (50th)

The full report is available for download by submitting your email address.

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