Rankings Round-up: Student Debt, Generosity, Freedom, Famous Brands, and A Census Tool

It’s time for another Rankings Round-Up and the evidence just keeps piling up confirming that South Dakota is awesome. Oh, and a handy Census Tool debuts.

South Dakota’s student loan borrowers are taking care of business and student loan debt. WalletHub recently released a review of the Best and Worst States for Student Debt and overall SD ranks 12th. But if you dig into the stats a bit, SD has the 2nd lowest rate of student loan borrowers in past-due or default status and the lowest rate of student loan balances in past-due or default status.

freedom-signWhen it comes to economic freedom, South Dakota has it in spades. We’re the most economically free state in the United States (along with Texas). Factors considered include Size of Government, Taxes, Regulation, Property Rights, Sound Money, and the Freedom to Trade Internationally.

The Census Bureau has released the Census Glossary. It’s a simple tool to utilize when you need to look up the difference between various census data like Household Income, Family Income, Per Capita Income, or Median Income. The tool can be embedded on your website and it’s interactive, allowing you to create a customized list of terms to print.

wallethubcharitableWallethub makes a second appearance in today’s round-up with 2014’s Most and Least Charitable States. This ranking looks at both volunteerism and charitable contributions. We’re a generous bunch in South Dakota, ranking 2nd overall.

Ever wondered what South Dakota’s most famous brand is? Wonder no more! According to a guy named Steve Lovelace and his Corporate States of America map, Super 8 Motels is our most famous brand. The map was developed 2 years ago but is just now garnering attention. What do you think? Is Super 8 our most famous brand?

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