The Changing Face of Young Adults

The Census BCenExYAureau has just released an interesting data set through the Census Explorer. This new data set looks at Young Adults (age 18-34) over the past four decades and reviews about 15 different metrics including:

  • Percent of Population
  • Median Earnings for Full-time Workers
  • Living Situations
  • Poverty
  • Never Married
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • Race, Minorities, and Foreign Born
  • Transportation to Work
  • Language
  • Veteran Status
  • Employment

Data can be viewed by State, County, or Metro Area. By default, the chosen geography is compared with the United States, but this feature can be turned off. You can also view a full report that is interactive.

The full report allows you to switch between a chart, table, or map for each metric AND it will give you an embed code so you can embed the chart, table, or map into your website (unfortunately, the code does not play well with WordPress so I can’t do any live examples for you.. but see the static images below).

One of the “living situations” that this data set explores is young adults who are living with a parent. South Dakota is faring much better than the nation in light of the recession and its impact on young adults establishing their own households. Graphics from the full report for this metric are displayed below.



Allows you to toggle back and forth between counts and percents.


Allows you to toggle back and forth between counts and percents.


Moving your cursor over another geography displays corresponding data in the blue space below South Dakota and United States values.

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