YourEconomyHave you ever been asked about the number of startups that occurred over the past year in your community or region? Or maybe you’ve been asked what size of employer is most prominent in your area. Perhaps you want to track the number of closings over the past 10 years or see the rate of companies moving into your area. I was recently reminded of a great resource that can easily help you answer these questions called Your Economy.

Your Economy explores and presents data on business establishments, jobs, and sales across the United States. It allows you to select state, MSA, or county geographies and select any time-span you wish from 1995-2013 (2014 coming soon). You can choose from multiple establishment types, and from multiple establishment activities.

For instance, let’s look at Hughes County. I want to know how Hughes County has recovered from the recession so I’m going to look at data from 2009-2013.

YE-Geography&TimeAfter I hit the Go button the following will display:



Under the YE Indicators on the right, I can see with a quick glance, those establishment types that have grown or contracted through my chosen time span. The same is displayed for Establishment Activity. Considering the question about startups, I can see that there was a decline in the number of New Startups in Hughes County but if I look just below that, the growth in Expansion Startups (spin-offs from existing businesses) is huge.

I have the Expansion Startups line selected (noted by the color-coded arrow to the left of the section) and am given a concise overview of my selection to the left. I’m able to access details, rankings, and time-series data to dig into the stats a little bit more.

Below the YE Indicators are charts reflecting employment size for the indicator selected (Expansion Startups). Here is the breakdown of stages by employment size:

  • Self = Self-employed
  • Stage 1 = 2-9 Employees
  • Stage 2 = 10-99 Employees
  • Stage 3 = 100-499 Employees
  • Stage 4 = 500+ Employees

So considering that Expansion Startups saw a sizable gain from 2009-2013, it makes sense that the most significant growth in establishment size occurred in stages 1 & 2 (2-99 employees).

This is just tapping the surface of the data you can pull from Your Economy and it’s not the only resource for establishment data (see also Business Dynamic Statistics or BLS Business Employment Dynamics) but it is a handy resource that approaches the data from a little bit different perspective than what you can find at the Census or Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The data source for Your Economy is the National Establishment Time-Series produced by Walls & Associates from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) archival establishment data. Your Economy also utilizes other D&B data sets and merges it with the NETS data to provide figures for the most recent, lapsed calendar year. The most recent year of data should always be considered preliminary.

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