Workforce Quality Highlighted in 50-State Comparison Revamp

50stateIf you’ve recently accessed the 50-State Comparison on the GOED website, you may have noticed a change in the data, organization, and layout. If you’re not familiar with the 50-State Comparison, well here’s your chance to learn! The 50-State Comparison is a tool that allows you to select any number of states in the nation and data in 15 categories ranging from taxes, to workforce, to quality of life. You can instantly see how South Dakota measures up across the nation.

We did not add a lot of new categories. Instead we focused our efforts on making existing categories more robust. There is very little change among the various taxes we review, but we expanded quality of life and workforce related categories:

  • Cost of Living: All COLI categories were added.
  • Healthcare: Expanded to address the accessibility of care as well as the affordability of care.
  • Crime Rate: Added breakouts for Violent Crime and Property Crime.
  • Utilities: Added Residential utility costs.
  • Union Membership: This section was expanded to include rates for Private Industry and Manufacturing.
  • Educational Attainment: Switched to utilizing the educational attainment data provided by the Census and added Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

One new category was added – Quality Workforce. The Midwestern work ethic is practically a thing of legend, but there still isn’t a one-stop statistic that we data users can pull to say “See! Our workforce is amazing!” The quality workforce section attempts to address this challenge by looking at measures that, we think, speak to the character and dependability of our people. Measures included are Credit Scores, Bankruptcy Rates, and Volunteerism along with a measure we’re calling “Business Efficiency” which we’ve calculated from the BEA’s Gross Domestic Product by State data.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing some exciting workforce tools, and engaging in more discussion about the quality of our workforce and workforce recruitment efforts. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the 50-State Comparison revamp!


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