Rankings round-up: Shout-outs, Sharp Objects, and Halloween Fun!

RankingsRoundupThere are new rankings and South Dakota mentions in the news every day. Some of them are relevant to economic development and warrant an in-depth look and others, not so much. But we still want to be aware. So occasionally we’re going to do a round-up of these “stray” rankings or notable news items to keep you informed. If nothing else, at least you’ll have interesting water cooler fodder.

In this round-up we’re light on the rankings but have several congratulations to hand-out along with an interesting resource and some Halloween fun.

Congratulations to the Small Business Development Center of Aberdeen for winning the local Abby Award for Customer Service. Way to be outstanding for economic development!

The Abby Awards also recognized Molded Fiberglass with the Bridge Builder award for steps they’ve taken to enhance the workforce.

Smart21 Logo 2015You may recall the post we shared a few months ago about Mitchell being named an ICF Smart21 Community in 2014. Well, for the third year in a row Mitchell is an ICF Smart21 Community. Congratulations and well done!

If your economic development efforts are geared towards shooting, hunting, or outdoors industries, Survival Life has put together a one-stop resource for State Knife Laws. Yes, there really are extensive laws on knife ownership in other states. One more reason South Dakota is a shooting, hunting, and outdoor mecca!

If you’re in need of a last minute costume idea for tonight’s Halloween fun, take a gander at the Most Googled Halloween Costumes in each State. We South Dakotans are a band of miscreants with our pirate-y tastes. Arrrgh! See the infographic below.

Also, while you’re exploring the Halloween costumes, take a moment to protect your home and trees (ward off those TPing pranksters!) and check out the candy going over big in each state for Halloween. My pride in this state has just doubled because not only have we chosen chocolate, but we’ve chosen chocolate hugging a chewy caramel center.


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