Rankings Round-up: Happiness, Generosity, Polite Drivers, and Vacation Destinations

RankingsRoundupThere are new rankings and South Dakota mentions in the news every day. Some of them are relevant to economic development and warrant an in-depth look and others, not so much. But we still want to be aware. So occasionally we’re going to do a round-up of these “stray” rankings or notable news items to keep you informed. If nothing else, at least you’ll have interesting water cooler fodder.

Our third installment of Rankings Round-up brings us a look at happiness, philanthropy, rude driving, and prime vacation spots.

Wallethub has identified South Dakota as the 9th Happiest state in the nation. The ranking considered emotional and physical well-being, work, and community, environment, and recreational activities. Key factors that worked in our favor include being the least sleep-deprived, having the 2nd lowest long-term unemployment rate, and having the 4th highest income growth.

rudestdrivers2014Being happy appears to make us a generous lot. The Chronicle of Philanthropy looked at giving in America and revealed that South Dakotans give around 3.35% of our adjusted gross incomes, ranking 13th. Jones county is identified as the most generous county in South Dakota (way to be Jones county). The Chronicle of Philanthropy also included a column highlighting voting trends by state. Very interesting.

Insure.com recently surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide to find out which States have the rudest drivers. Not surprisingly, South Dakota ranked low in rudeness. We rank 41st out of all 50-States and DC. The rudest state? Idaho. Who saw that coming? What makes this survey really interesting is that Insure.com also tells us which state dislikes our driving the most. It seems Texans don’t appreciate South Dakota drivers. Personally, I love that I can drive across South Dakota and have at least three complete strangers wave to me.

Sticking with the travel theme, Hopper has identified where residents are most likely to travel for their next big vacation. South Dakota residents fancy a little sun in Mexico.

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