Rankings Round-up: Largest Companies, Richest States, Strange Eating Patterns, and Gun Ownership

RankingsRoundupYou’ve probably noticed that there are new rankings and South Dakota mentions in the news every day. Some of them are relevant to economic development and warrant an in-depth look and others, not so much. But we still want to be aware. So occasionally we’re going to do a round-up of these “stray” rankings or notable news items to keep you informed. If nothing else, at least you’ll have interesting water cooler fodder.


Chocolate is a hit in South Dakota

Weird Eating Patterns: Co. Design teamed up with Food Genius to analyze the most common terms and foods on menus across the nation. The data was then mapped according to the most common food item on menus in each state. When South Dakotans dine out, chocolate is the crown jewel on our menus… followed closely by cheddar cheese. Both very respectable winners in my book. Suddenly the office m&m drawer seems way more glorious.

Sanford Health is a big deal in South Dakota and proves it by being the largest company by revenue in the state.

South Dakota a Top State for Firearms

South Dakota a Top State for Firearms

South Dakota has some of the highest rates of residents with guns in the home. Pennington County made the top 20 (48.5%, 16th) and Minnehaha County made the top 30 (44.7%, 26th). Surprisingly Texas didn’t make the top 50.

Congratulations to Midcontinent Communications on earning the number one slot in PCMag’s Speed Index with broadband download speeds increasing to 46.8 Mbps. It held the No. 2 spot last year with download speeds averaging 33.1 Mbps.

A couple months ago we posted about Multiple Job Holder statistics and explored the nuances of this stat. New multiple job holder stats have been released for 2013 and South Dakota still maintains the number one spot. Our  rate has dropped to 8.9 percent.

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