After Labor Day Levity – South Dakotan’s Love Tools

mashablemap-statesebaySince we’re coming off of a holiday weekend, let’s ease into the work-week with a bit of random information good for the useless-trivia-minded.

Ebay recently analyzed goods purchased from their site and identified the most popular items purchased in each state. In South Dakota, it appears we’re a practical bunch, expanding our tool collections with gusto and frugality. I understand this. Had I the room, I would buy tools like a mad-woman.

Other finds:

  • Alaskans like their hats.
  • Coloradans stock up on hydroponic supplies (Ahh, makes sense).
  • Georgians go for the stationary and office supplies (People after my own heart)!
  • Oregonians dig surveillance equipment (Huh. I wonder what’s fueling that).

See a full list of each state’s leading Ebay purchases below:


Image Credit: Ebay

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