County Business Patterns

cobusinesspatternsWow your friends and relatives (okay, so maybe just co-workers and colleagues) with an in-depth review of your county’s industry make-up using the U.S. Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns.

Search industry details by any of these geographies – U.S., state, county, zip code, MSA or MiSA – for the years 1998 to 2012. The following information is provided up to the 6-digit NAICS level:

  • Number of employees
  • Quarterly payrolls
  • Annual payrolls
  • Total establishments
  • Establishments by employment-size

The smaller the geography the more likely data may be suppressed – especially at the 6-digit NAICS level. But other options are available for all sized areas that make this tool especially helpful.

The Detail button on the data tables takes you from 2-digit to 6-digit NAICS break-downs for each industry (the longer the NAICS code the more detailed the industry data).

The Compare button on the data tables automatically takes you to a table of similar geographies. If you have South Dakota stats displayed, clicking on the Compare button will produce a table with all 50 states. If you have your county displayed, clicking on the Compare button will produce a table with all South Dakota counties.

No matter the geography or table displayed, another great feature of this site is the option to download the data into text or csv files.

And, one more bonus item on this site – a link to Nonemployer Statistics – those self-employed entrepreneurs who can be so tricky to track.

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