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This is the first in a five part series covering the top five things site selectors are requesting information about. The topics covered in this series are based on an actual review of prospect location factors conducted by GOED using 76 RFIs submitted between 2010 and July 1, 2013. At the top of the list is available properties.


Since up to 90% of site selection takes place before you even speak to the prospect and nearly all information is gathered online, it is crucial to have a great website. It needs to be informative and easy to navigate. Most importantly, it needs to be kept current. All available buildings and land in your community should be listed on your website and updated regularly. You can also list your properties on GOED’s website, free of charge, by submitting a completed land or building form or a Realtor’s spec sheet for the available property (certain requirements must be met).

Some general guidelines to follow when listing properties on your website or when submitting them in an RFI are:

  • Size: Always provide a size (acres, sq. ft., dimensions, sidewall height for buildings, etc). It is very hard to judge the size of a building or site based on a picture or the price. If there is no size listed, the site selector will not know if the property meets their specific needs and they will move on to the next listing.
  • Price: You must provide at least a starting point for price (it is assumed that price is negotiable). If no price is provided, you can bet they won’t call and ask about the property. No price suggests that the owner is not serious about selling the property. Site selectors will not waste their time when they can find a similar property somewhere else that does have a price listed.
  • Images: Maps and images of the property help the site selector visualize how they will utilize a property. Maps can be used to show proximity to roadways, railways, and airports. Make sure any pictures of the property do not show broken windows or graffiti, lots of snow or weeds, or people wearing outdated fashions.

Generally in your RFI submissions to GOED, if any of the above three things are missing we will contact you to get the rest of the information before sending it on to the prospect. Other information that site selectors look for when choosing a building or site is the availability of utilities and telecom, zoning, and property taxes.

When packaging properties for an RFI you want to make building and land information easy to find. Bold headings or bulleted lists are a great way to convey important information quickly and clearly. Quite often, a site selector is only interested in glancing at the size, price, and image(s) of the property to compare it to other site options. If a site selector has to dig for the information it may get your property and/or community eliminated. Check out some examples of how to properly package your property information.

Please feel free to contact us with any properties you would like listed on GOED’s website as well as any questions you may have regarding properties.


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