Governor Daugaard Speaks to South Dakota’s Business Climate

Daugaard-official photoLeading up to CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business ranking, Governor Daugaard was invited to speak about South Dakota’s business climate on CNBC’s blog. Despite ranking 11th in the newly released rankings, South Dakota has a premier business climate and the Governor’s run-down of our state’s business climate is inspiring.

  • Best Business Climate
  • Best Business Policies
  • Best in Entrepreneurial Friendliness
  • 1 of 15 states that have regained all the jobs lost during the recession
  • GDP growth near 7.0%  for 2013
  • The repeal of over-burdensome laws
  • Balanced our budget every year since 1889
  • Fully funded pension plans that won’t burden taxpayers in the future

With an outlook that celebrates fiscal responsibility and unobtrusive government, South Dakota continues to be a phenomenal location for business.


Read the Governor’s full post here.

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