RFIs: Making the most of your response.


Do you ever feel unsure or overwhelmed when you respond to an RFI (Request for Information)? Maybe you’re not exactly sure what information to include, how to package your information, or where to get help when you have questions. We are here to help!

There are a lot of considerations to be taken into account when assembling an RFI and many of you have probably experienced the dreaded email from our office asking you to make changes. We’re all busy and it’s never convenient to have to go back and change submissions, so I want to take the next few minutes to review the most Common RFI Submission Issues and challenges that might prompt an email from us:

1)      Cover page, table of contents, and page numbers are not necessary; they will be removed and replaced with our own divider page and page numbers.

2)      Cover letter needs to be addressed to the lead rep (not to “sir/madam” or “to whom it may concern”)

3)      Do not scan in documents-rewrite if necessary. Scanning documents takes up a lot of space and looks unprofessional.

4)      Keep document simple and to the point. What we ask for is what you need to include-Nothing More. Extra community information is not needed at this point. That will come later after the list has been narrowed down. Any information we did not ask for is deleted. Use headings, bullets & numbering, tabs, and tables to highlight key information.

5)      Use Branding – letterhead, consistent colors, and fonts (no more than 2 fonts) – throughout your response. This helps set your information apart from other submissions.

6)      ALWAYS include all of your contact information (your name, organization name, phone number, email address, & website)

7)      ALWAYS include a price or price range with buildings/sites. Your community will very likely be eliminated if it doesn’t have a price.

8)      Keep the size of your document under 1MB (preferably around 500kb). Images take up a lot of space and often times need resized or saved in a different format. Go to “Packaging your Response” on the RFIs page for ways to reduce the size of your images.

9)      Be sure to proof your submission for spelling mistakes and grammar.

GOED conducts RFI workshops throughout the state and we are available for one-on-one reviews of your current RFI submission. If you would like to schedule a workshop or review call (800-872-6190), email , or use the submission form below to get in touch. At the top of this page there is a tab that says RFIs which contains all of the information you will need to make your next RFI stand out.

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