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howmoneywalksHere’s a fun, easy to use, and very informative website.

Using IRS tax return data, this site shows how much in taxable income is migrating into or out of every state and county in the USA since 1993. Click on the link and you will find a map of the USA. Red states are net out-migration states, that is more people and taxable income are leaving the state. Green states are net in-migration states.

Click on South Dakota and you see that South Dakota is a net in-migration state that has gained over $750 million in income from people moving to South Dakota. It also shows where people are coming from and where people are moving to. Iowa and Minnesota are the top in-migration states and Arizona and Florida are the states that South Dakotans are most likely to move to.

Click on any county and you can see which counties people are coming from or moving to. For example, in Minnehaha County the top in-migration counties are Brookings County SD and Rock County MN. The top destinations for people moving out of Minnehaha are Lincoln County SD and Maricopa County AZ.

You can also get the net number of people moving to and from a given state or county by switching to the “people mode”. Note that both the income mode and people mode are net cumulative numbers starting in 1993. Over that period SD shows as having a net out-people migration. This trend reverses by 2003 as South Dakota becomes a net in-migration state in terms of people.

Voting “with your feet” is a very compelling statistic. It is a major life change which people make because they expect to have a better life in their new location.

The data at this website is available in greater detail from other sources, though it is not as user-friendly. If you would like more information on this subject, contact GOED and we would be happy to assist you.

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