South Dakota Produces the Most Per Capita MLB Players in Nation

MLBplayersHere’s a fun fact for your day. Did you know South Dakota produces the most per capita major league baseball players in the nation? It’s true! We average 3.6 players per 1 million residents where California only manages to produce 3.15 players per 1 million residents. Take that California… you slackers!

Okay, so when you look at actual numbers California trounces us (sorry for calling you a slacker California) because, well, they’re a huge state.  South Dakota is supplying 3 baseball players for 2014’s MLB line-up and California is supplying 120 players. But still, our rate of production wins!

For those of you who attended the rankings session at the GOED Conference, this is a prime example of how you can use per capita values to level the playing field when competing with giants like California and Texas.

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