Because We’re Happy – South Dakotans Less Likely to Move

Courtesy of Gallup

Courtesy of Gallup

A recent Gallup poll asked respondents about their likelihood to move to a different state and, it turns out, South Dakotans are pretty happy with their home-state. In fact, only 12% of respondents from South Dakota indicated that they are likely to move to another state in the next year and only 26% indicated they would move if they could.

For comparison, the 50-State average of those residents wanting to move to another state is 33%, regardless of their actual ability to move. Additionally, over the next year, 14% of respondents indicated they are  likely to move to another state.

Illinois had the highest number of residents wanting to move at a rate of 50%.

The most common reasons people move?

  • Work/Business Related (31%)
  • Family & Friends (19%)
  • Weather/Location (11%)
  • Quality of Life (9%)

Here’s how the 10 most-likely and 10-least likely to move States stack up:













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