Meade County 8th in Population Growth in U.S. for 2013


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Yesterday the Census Bureau released its 2013 County, Metro & Micro Area Population Estimates and much of the growth is happening in our neighborhood due to the Energy Boom.

“… Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction industries were the most rapidly growing part of our nation’s economy over the last several years,” Census Bureau Director John H. Thompson said. “A major reason was the energy boom on the Plains, which attracted job seekers from around the country…”

This year South Dakota made the list of 10 Fastest Growing Counties with an unexpected showing from Meade County. Although when you think about it, it’s not that unexpected since the Black Hills area is well positioned between the North Dakota and Wyoming oil booms and has been successful recruiting companies (Permian Tank & Manufacturing, Inc, Pipeline Plastics, LLC, and WL Plastics) directly related to energy activity to the region.

  • 8th – Meade County – 4.3%

Three additional South Dakota counties made the 100 Fastest-Growing Counties for 2013:

  • 26th – Lincoln County – 3.3%
  • 71st – Minnehaha County – 2.4%
  • 86th – Lawrence County – 2.2%

Three South Dakota counties are also counted among the 100 Fastest Growing Counties for 2010-2013:

  • 19th – Lincoln County, 11.2% Growth
  • 59th – Lake County, 7.6% Growth
  • 77th – Meade County, 7.0% Growth

Both Lincoln County and Lake County were also a part of the 100 Fastest Growing Counties in 2011 and 2012.

Other points of interest:

  • Only 8 other states had more counties than South Dakota on the 100 list
  • South Dakota accounts for 2.2% of the counties in the nation (66 out of 3,007)
  • South Dakota accounts for 4.0% of the nations 100 Fastest Growing Counties (4 of 100)

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