2013 Union Membership Data Now Available

unionmemgraphicNewly released union membership data is now available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and it shows that union membership rates continue to decline in South Dakota.

  • In 2013, South Dakota’s Union Membership Rate decreased from 5.6% to 4.8%.
  • South Dakota now has the 8th lowest union membership rate in the nation.
  • 4.8% is the lowest South Dakota’s union membership rate has been since tracking began in 1989. Additional tracking back to 1964 is available from Union Stats and illustrated in the chart below.
  • The union membership rate in the public sector is 14.9%.
  • The union membership rate in the private sector is 2.7%.
    • The Construction industry has a 1.9% membership rate.
    • The Manufacturing industry has a 7.5% membership rate.

Source: Union Stats

To further explore union membership data:

Another great source for union membership data is Union Stats where you can access industry breakouts and historical data. Union Stats is based on the BLS data.

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